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Motor Tours in Crete

Except the bike rental, our office has to offer to its customers, since 1994, organized motorbike tours in well-chosen routes of the beautiful island.

For everyone who wants more than just to drive, instead being in search of fun and adventure, 10.000 km of streets and track, among them perfect off road parts for beginners as well as for experts.

Ideal for motorbike fans, who like to be kept away of crowded tourist places, and also would like to see Crete by another point of view, Greenways has created 2 ideal programs to cover all sorts of needs.

A couple of hour's flight and your holiday starts straight away.

Motorcycle tourism becomes year by year more popular. There is no continent that does not offer the possibility to be discovered on 2 wheels and Crete Island is one of them.

Too small... some of you might say. That's not correct.

Fairly, Crete Island is characterized as one "continent" just by itself. An Island full of contrasts like eastwards bananas plantations, southwards tropical beaches full of palm trees, westwards lagoons equivalent with the ones in the Caribbean and in between mountain ranges that have nothing to envy from the ones in Alps.

There are so many places in Crete for the motorcyclist to explore and an enormous road network of 10.000 km of both asphalts roads and off-road tracks that offer space for all the funs of motorcycle tourism.

Well? Did we draw your attention yet?

Greenways-motortours team has designed tours for every taste and budget like: beach & bike, Crete roundtrip and daily motorbike tours.

Greenways has a brand new fleet which offers you a wide selection of motorcycle types, like Touring, Enduro, On-off, Chopper and includes as well small and big scooters.

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